Lid Myths
Performance: 00:25:00
Sculpture: Plastic, gesso, plaster and acrylics

So underneath these vast areas of land is an intricate system of tunnels, cables, tubes, trays capsules covered in clay, carts and trolleys. By means of rock boring technologies these mechanical trolleys drive the clay covered capsules full of nuclear waste, 100 meters down underground straight into a pool of greenish water and there are quite a few of these pools in each underground system. So, in these greenish pools, the clay covered capsules submerge for several decades to properly cool down. After which the trolley picks them up again and drives them 400 meters further down where they are destined to spend the rest of eternity. So when the tunnels and cables and tubes and trays are full of capsules covered in clay, that have all gone through the green pool phase, an immensely thick layer of concrete is poured onto the system to seal it shut it forever. Like massive a concrete lid.

I've never spent a day on earth without lid and I'm positive that the same goes for you. Because when it comes down to it, we put lids on a lot of things. And I realised this, because I'm in this sort of smoothie phase. It began when I received a NutriBullet machine from my parents. It was actually a present they had received from my grandmother, who didnt know they already owned one. So I left their house excited about my new kitchen addition and they were happy to get rid of the extra ammunition. Nevertheless, I truly didnt expect to use the bullet nearly as much as I do. In fact not a day has gone by without a smoothie since bringing the bullet home. This delicious green energy bomb has become a vital factor of my morning routine:

First I take the lid off the bullet.
Then I take the lid off a NutriBlade.
Wheatgrass bottle.
Pour a shot of it in to the bullet.
Put the lid back on the bottle.
After scooping an avocado into the bullet,
I take the lid off the trashcan,
Throw stone and skin away.
Put the lid back on the trashcan.
Next, I take the lid off the oat milk carton,
Pour some into the bullet.
And put the lid back on the carton.
I put the bladed lid on the bullet twist.
Seal shut.
Place the bullet (lid facing down) on to the machine and push for one minute.
Lastly I take the bladed lid off the bullet and put the other lid on it.