Hoodwink consists of a sculpture and a performance. A sense of hoodedness and a concealing of someone's vision in the name of care, both relate to the phenomenon of caul birth, a rare yet harmless birth where a child is born enclosed in an amniotic membrane, resembling a bubble-like hood. Many of the multiple myths and superstitions revolving around caul-births insinuate a certain clairvoyance or second sight. The performance follows the relationships between three women: The Falconer who tames the eagle, her daughter, possibly born in caul (loosely based on Jóhanna Knúdsen, the first female police officer in Iceland known for her cruel treatment of other women during WW2) and the Falconer's midwife whose character is based on the notorious 16th century French midwife Louise Bourgeois. The sculpture performs latently in the space whilst waiting to be activated further through the recitation of the script.

Performance: ca. 25 minutes
Sculpture: Thermoplastic
Documentation: Fritz Hendrik and Studio Wolphi