Performance: 00:20:00
Sculpture: Hot rolled steel (hand hammered), 100x40x160

Did I tell you Im getting married? My sister is also married. My sisters name is Erna. Named after our grandmother, Erna. Erna means queen of the Eagles, which, in itself is quite the significance but, in our family, it denotes our very existence, sisters name says queen of the Eagles whilst mine means little rock. Not to awaken the demons of comparison.[1] And rock doesnt even fit. You see my little, brittle collarbones are continuously breaking and since you cannot cast a chest in case of a clavicle fracture, I have repeatedly had to wait it out, sitting ever so still for weeks unable to slightly dent the chest even when taken aback. So as to claim the same congruity of a name, as you are about to hear my sister inherently has, I started the process of strengthening my chest with aim of becoming solid as rock and according to my dictionary an exercise that should help to develop the pectorals is the bench press.

[1] Habeas Viscus, Alexander G. Weheliye, 2014

Documentation: Studio Wolphi